After more than 5 years, I’ve decided to shut down my leather business.  Therefore, I will no longer be taking any orders.

If you’re looking for a holster, please contact my friend Doug Childers at Bear Creek Holsters –

Thank you for your business and interest!



The Limited Edition JGL Messenger Bag in 10oz Brown Latigo

The Limited Edition JGL Leather Messenger Bag in 10oz Brown LatigoIt’s possible that you’ll never see a more beautiful bag!  This messenger bag is sight to behold, and you’ll feel great with this thing strapped over your shoulder.  Don’t wait though!  This is a limited edition item, because the leather we use for this bag is in limited supply.  Only 3 bags are being made, and only ONE of those is still available!  The bag starts at $295. Add an inside (as pictured) or outside sleeve for an additional $100.

Made from some of the most beautiful American brown 10oz latigo you’ll find, and adorned with quality stainless steel hardware, including 4 heavy duty buckles (the same ones found on our JGL 1.5″ Heavy Belts).  Shipping is $25 and build time is 2-3 weeks.  Order your new bag today by emailing us at!

The Limited Edition JGL Leather Messenger Bag in 10oz Brown Latigo IMG_0132

The JGL HHS Wallet

JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown HorsehideThis just might be the perfect wallet – if that’s even possible.  I don’t carry much in my wallet and it normally finds its home in my front pocket, so it needs to stay compact.  If you’re like me – maybe you carry a couple cards, an ID or two, a few loose bills and a couple receipts – then this wallet may fit you just right.  The fold-over-snap-closure gives this wallet the extra measure of security to keep your cards, cash and receipts safe. Yet, you can also have fast access to an ID or your debit card in the outside pocket on the back.

The HHS Wallet only comes in horsehide, making it thin, smooth and extremely sturdy.  Available in natural, light brown (pictured), mahogany or black and selling for just $65 plus $5 to ship.  As always, the hand-stitiching, attention to detail and the highest quality leather that will last a lifetime make this wallet a wise place to put your money – so to speak.  Made in the USA in Palm Harbor, FL.  Order yours today at!

JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown Horsehide    JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown Horsehide

The JGL Ladies TS Handbag

JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) HandbagIt’s not just a purse.  It’s the JGL Ladies TS Handbag.  It’s a hand carry, clutch carry, over the shoulder carry, do-it-all bag.  As the old anti-persperant commercial used to say, it’s strong enough for a man, but it’s made for a woman.

This bag is made from the best brown 10oz Latigo you’ll find, carefully designed, cut, crafted and finished with stainless steel hardware, and accented with our natural leather for the grab handles.  Inside, you’ll find plenty of space (about 432 cubic inches) for all the stuff you need every day – and with the open style, you can get to it fast and easy.  Plus, we’ve added a simple strap to keep your contents safe.  Also inside the bag, use the two stainless steel 1.5″ D-rings to clip your car keys, hang your glasses, or utilize for even easier access for other often used items.

This handbag is approximately 12x9x4 and is handmade in Palm Harbor, FL USA, and is priced at just $165, plus $15 to ship.  Special order for other colors may be available, please contact us for details.  To order, email  You can also view this item on Etsy, here.

JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) Handbag JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) Handbag

The JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet

JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet in Mahogany CowhideUp until now, whenever I need to carry my passport, it was usually carried in one of three ways: either loose in my pocket, creating extra bulk with my wallet already there; in a passport case that’s too big for my pocket, which means one more thing to carry around; or in a pouch in my backpack, which is the best of the three options, but still less convenient to get to. Not anymore.

Introducing the JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet.  I have a great habit of cleaning out my wallet every few days.  It might be a sickness.  I don’t like a bulky wallet and I’m constantly cleaning things out of there, which migrate to it that I don’t need.  The JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet will help you stay organized and you carry what you need.

The JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet in Mahogany CowhidePlus it’s secure.  Choose the optional snap closure (pictured) or the shock-cord elastic band which is stitched onto the wallet to keep your essential items right where you need them.

The JGL Minimalist Passport Wallet is made of the highest quality cowhide – the same 6-7 oz leather as our holsters.  It’s super sturdy and will stand up to whatever adventure you take it on, but lives up to its minimalist name with it’s sleek, non-bulky outlines.  It’s available in light brown, mahogany (pictured) and black, and sells for just $50.  For an even more luxurious feel, choose horsehide leather and add $15.  You’ll love the great attention to detail and care put into each custom made wallet.  Contact me at today and let’s get started on the last wallet you’ll ever need.

Fixed Blade IWB Panels

One of my newer items is what I call the Fixed Blade IWB Panel. This design came about at Publix. Right after I got my ESEE 4, I was carrying it one day on my belt with the supplied MOLLE locks. Walking into the store, I suddenly became very aware of my knife. And I felt like anyone else could be as well. So I walked back out to my car and my knife went in the glove box. From there I decided that I need to carry this every day, but in such a way that it was concealed.

The IWB Panel is a simple design. The leather is cut to match the knife’s standard kydex or nylon locking sheath.  IWB Panel for ESEE 4For the ESEE 4, I used the screws that came with the knife outfit.

IWB Panel for Becker BK11

For the Becker BK11, I added some Chicago screws, like what are in my Combo Pocket Holsters, so the panel is simple and easy to put on and take off, depending on your desired method of carry any given day.

I like to carry IWB items at about 4 o’clock. When I do, even with the big ESEE 4, sitting in a desk chair, in the car – or anywhere – is simple, comfortable and I hardly even notice the knife being there. Now, either of these knives are super easy to carry, and always concealed.

The IWB panel is made of top quality cowhide and is available in light brown, mahogany or black, and sells for $25 plus $5 to ship.

If you have an ESEE 4 or a BK11, or any other fixed blade that you’d be interested in adding a custom IWB Panel to it, give me a shout and let’s create something!  As always, you can contact me at

Small Journal Cover – Field Notes 3.5″x5.5″

IMG_1033The JGL Small Journal Cover is made out of choice leathers that will only improve with time.  Use them on Field Notes Journals (3.5″ x 5.5″) or any similar size pocket journal of your choosing.  This cover is super sturdy being made of 6-7 oz leather, yet compact enough that it won’t add bulk to your bag or pocket – however you carry it.  Each cover is individually cut and finished with great attention to detail. An elasticized cord holds the journal in and it’s easy to remove the notebook and slide a new one in! Keep your journal secure with the supplied black shock cord that wraps vertically.  While you may have to periodically replace your Field Notes Journal, this journal cover will last a lifetime!  The cover is 5 3/4″ x 3 7/8″ and is hand made in Palm Harbor, FL USA.  Available in light brown (pictured), mahogany and black.  $30 plus $5 to ship.  Field Notes Journal not included, this is for the leather cover only.  Contact me at today to order yours.

IMG_1032 IMG_1030 IMG_1029