The JGL Ladies TS Handbag

JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) HandbagIt’s not just a purse.  It’s the JGL Ladies TS Handbag.  It’s a hand carry, clutch carry, over the shoulder carry, do-it-all bag.  As the old anti-persperant commercial used to say, it’s strong enough for a man, but it’s made for a woman.

This bag is made from the best brown 10oz Latigo you’ll find, carefully designed, cut, crafted and finished with stainless steel hardware, and accented with our natural leather for the grab handles.  Inside, you’ll find plenty of space (about 432 cubic inches) for all the stuff you need every day – and with the open style, you can get to it fast and easy.  Plus, we’ve added a simple strap to keep your contents safe.  Also inside the bag, use the two stainless steel 1.5″ D-rings to clip your car keys, hang your glasses, or utilize for even easier access for other often used items.

This handbag is approximately 12x9x4 and is handmade in Palm Harbor, FL USA, and is priced at just $165, plus $15 to ship.  Special order for other colors may be available, please contact us for details.  To order, email  You can also view this item on Etsy, here.

JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) Handbag JGL Ladies TS (Tote-style) Handbag

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