The JGL HHS Wallet

JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown HorsehideThis just might be the perfect wallet – if that’s even possible.  I don’t carry much in my wallet and it normally finds its home in my front pocket, so it needs to stay compact.  If you’re like me – maybe you carry a couple cards, an ID or two, a few loose bills and a couple receipts – then this wallet may fit you just right.  The fold-over-snap-closure gives this wallet the extra measure of security to keep your cards, cash and receipts safe. Yet, you can also have fast access to an ID or your debit card in the outside pocket on the back.

The HHS Wallet only comes in horsehide, making it thin, smooth and extremely sturdy.  Available in natural, light brown (pictured), mahogany or black and selling for just $65 plus $5 to ship.  As always, the hand-stitiching, attention to detail and the highest quality leather that will last a lifetime make this wallet a wise place to put your money – so to speak.  Made in the USA in Palm Harbor, FL.  Order yours today at!

JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown Horsehide    JGL HHS Wallet in Light Brown Horsehide

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