“Received the holster. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Its absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. Had the opportunity to have the holster with me all weekend. It actually makes the gun seem to disappear. Perfect.”
– John, Sig P938 IWB Holster

“The holster arrived Sat.  Unpacked it, put it on, slipped Miss Ellsie in and that is where she spent the weekend thru Monday night.  The holster is awesome!!! The gun slipped right in, was held tight but the gun pulled out just fine and there was really no break in period to speak of.  Great Job!!”
– Steve, LCP IWB Holster

“You made me a holster for my springfield XDs 45acp and WOW what a great job! It fits my XDs better then a glove,it’s really comfortable too and boy looks wise it’s amazing! Your price was the best on the internet for really high quality, thank you keep up the good work I’m a customer for life. I’m getting a Sig sp 2022 9mm soon, hoping you can make me another holster.”
– Jesse, XDs IWB Holster

“I gotta say you did an amazing job on this holster and I absolutely love this belt…I will be buying a black one real soon.”
– Casey, JGL 1.5″ Heavy Belt and Ruger LCP IWB Holster

“Received the belt today, and it fits perfect. I am wearing it now. The finishing is pretty neat – everything is so smooth and nice to touch. Excellent craftsmanship. Thanks Chad. Anyone on the fence for this belt should grab it, you won’t be disappointed.”
– Amarendra, JGL 1.5″ Heavy Belt

“The holster showed up on Friday and so far so good. The first thing I noticed is how tight it holds my gun. I held the holster with the gun in it upside down and shook the hell out of it and the gun didn’t move. This was with a full 5 round, .45 APC magazine (no round chambered). I know over a long time of removing it and reinstalling the gun in the holster it will loosen up; so the I am glad the fit is tight right now.

Today I wore it almost the entire day under my t-shirt and inside the waist band of my cargo shorts. The holster is comfortable and nobody noticed that I was armed all day. I am 6′ 2″ 180 pound, tall and slender, so I have an issue trying to hide a hand gun on my skinny frame and this seemed to work really well. Even after sitting at through a movie for over two hours, I really didn’t notice the gun or holster that much. I knew it was there, but not in a bothersome way.

Keep up the good work!”
– Neil, XDs IWB Holster

“Awesome holster! Just got it in the mail. Really good work. I’d like to talk about one for my p22 whenever you are looking to expand your lineup.”
Mike, Glock 21 holster

“Love the holsters, got two. One for myself and one for a gift. Great quality and perfect fit. Planning on getting additional ones for my other guns. I think you are going to be hearing from some of my friends and family. They were very impressed and want to order. Thanks for the prompt service.”
Doug, Ruger LC9 Combo Pocket Holster

“I’ve never used an in the waist band leather holster because I always thought they’d be too thick. The JGL holster I recently received fits so perfectly around the gun that it barely adds any bulk at all. The workmanship is flawless and it looks like a million bucks. The holster was tight at first but with a little practice use it fits perfectly; holds the gun tight but lets it loose without too much effort. Chad designed the holster so it would sit exactly where I prefer, low and deeply concealed but keeping enough of the grip accessible for easy retrieval. Gorgeous holster that has made many a friend jealous!
Jeremy, KelTec PF9 IWB Holster

“Well…..what can I say? You’re an artist. This holster was well worth the wait. The mold you’re using for the LCP with C/T laser is spot on. I’m glad I went for the mahogany. I just love the color. The clip is just the right size and the fit is perfect. Thanks again for keeping in contact with me. I’m really going to enjoy wearing this holster.”
– Jeff, Ruger LCP w/Crimson Trace IWB Holster

“I love the holster. It’s beautiful and very functional. You make a fantastic product.”
– Seth, Ruger LCP Combo Pocket Holster, lefty version

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Very, very nice pocket holster for my Seecamp. Thanks for your attention to detail, Chad. I am so impressed with my holster and with your great customer service.

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