Thanks for visiting Johnston Gun Leather!

My holsters are made with outstanding top-grade domestic cowhide. Not only are they nice to look at, they’re highly functional as well, and designed to last a long time. You love your gun already. You’re going to love it even more in its JGL holster. Plus, it’s handmade in the USA in Palm Harbor, FL.

Just about every one has something they’re passionate about. Sometimes, you have two separate passions that you get to join together. That’s exactly how Johnston Gun Leather came to be – a happy union of my passion for Guns and Art. Each leather holster is both a functional tool, and a work of art, designed to enhance your handgun and concealed-carry enjoyment. I try to keep a few different holsters on hand, especially of some of the more popular models, so send me an email and let me know what you’re looking for. Most custom orders are currently running a 1-2 week wait time, including shipping. Please contact me at chad@johnstongunleather.com to discuss your holster needs and to special order your new custom made Johnston Gun Leather holster!

Lifetime Guarantee

I believe in my holsters enough to stand behind them. If any problem with the holster ever arises, I will fix it or replace it for free…for life. This warranty does not cover against normal wear and tear, but against any defect in materials or craftsmanship.

The Fit
My holsters are made tight. When you first get it, it will have a very snug fit. Please keep in mind, all leather products naturally loosen with wear and use, which is why I make them pretty tight. However, if you prefer a looser fit, I will include instructions with your holster on how to loosen it up. It’s going to loosen one way or another, but you can speed that up if you prefer.

JGL will not be held liable for any abuse, neglect or criminal activity associated with any item purchased. Our holsters are made for law abiding citizens licensed by their state, upon completion of their state’s requirement for obtaining a license to carry a concealed weapon. If you are not licensed to carry, you should not do so.

Additionally, please use care and caution every time you handle your handgun. When you receive your new holster, please ensure the gun is unloaded by performing a regular safety check, before you try it on.

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